‘You can’t manage what you don’t know’ – Discover how a new Fisheries Management System is improving access to vital fisheries data and information for New Zealand’s fisheries.


What exactly is this case study about?

Since the introduction of the world’s first Quota Management System (QMS), New Zealand has been at the forefront of sustainable fisheries management.

To continue this leading stance, FINNZ has helped develop a new Fisheries Management technology solution that is able to cater for the evolving needs of the sector. This case study takes a look at this journey and the solution that was developed.

What will I learn?

  • How this new system is being used effectively to manage New Zealand's fish stocks in accordance to legislation
  • What they key drivers for the new system were
  • How an innovative software design enables this new system to be easily adapted to other fisheries around the world
  • What success can be achieved though a new fisheries management system 

FishServe Case Study Cover