The more we know about our waste, the more effectively we can manage it.

Learn how to make sure you are collecting not only the right data but good data as well.


What exactly is this e-book about?

The power of information can never be underestimated and the insights that can be obtained from collecting accurate waste data is without a doubt extremely valuable. 

Discover the role smart systems play in ensuring waste data initiatives are implemented and managed effectively.

Key aspects covered in this e-book:

  • Good data principles to follow to ensure you are collecting not only accurate but timely data as well
  • The polices behind waste data initiatives that are aimed at supporting effective waste minimisation strategies
  • What points to consider when developing systems to support practical and timely management of waste data
  • Examples of how successfully implemented waste data initiatives can generate real positive change in how we manage our waste
  • Real world examples of how waste data is being managed effectively via the use of smart online systems